Rather Be Happy || Jane Eyre Series is a re-rea ding of one of my favorite books. Follow and join me as I read Jane Eyre from the last week of November till the end of December. Every Saturday, I’ll post my thoughts, reflections, and most loved quotes about the chapters read for the week!

The start of the Rather Be Happy Series was a slow but good one! My initial plan was to finish 8 chapters, but things happened. Like: choosing to play video games instead of reading, hanging with the fam, and the simple lack of desire to read.

But let me tell you, lovely people…once the reading began, I fell in love with Jane Eyre all over again.

The book starts with little Jane living with her aunts and cousins. The readers see how outrageous and mean-spirited the people who are suppose to love Jane really is. I last read the part where Jane is waited for her aunt to finally say, ”Yes, Jane, I’m shipping you off to school! Good riddance!” (Made that up…but if you know Jane Eyre, this isn’t too far from what the Aunt will say).

So, now that you know what chapters I read and what part I’m on, it’s time for my favorite quote from chapter 1-4!

“They are not fit to associate with me.” – Jane

One of the things I love about Jane is how she knows who she is and what she’s deserving of. Despite the teasing, abuse, and negligence, she hasn’t lost her sense of self.

Here are my thoughts, reflections, and most loved quote from the chapters I’ve read this week. Till next time, lovely people!

Goodness and Love,

Octavia D. Mason

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